Ultegra spend quality time gaining
an intimate understanding of how our
client needs to deliver their services and
tailor our approach accordingly.
How We Work

Safety and

Ultegra’s accredited Integrated Management System (IMS) allows its clients to have the confidence that Ultegra can comfortably fulfil the role of principal contractor therefore providing its clients with a low risk, autonomous delivery option that provides piece of mind that our entire team is able self-manage your project.

Our systems are continually being developed, audited and monitored, to ensure that we are operating with continuous improvement at the heart of our operation, and that our systems are aligned with our greater business objectives in delivering to the highest standard, particularly when it comes to safety and quality.

Our systems are simple and are based on our most important asset – our people. It is our people that uphold and improve our systems to deliver superior safety and quality outcomes

Our systems are certified to the latest international standards, including;


Ultegra approaches its work with the mindset that our job is to provide solutions to problems and take our clients pain away. Too often service providers are quick to identify all the problems and issues in getting the job done and leaving the client to solve their problems.

Ultegra are subject matter experts and will always find solutions to our problems, provide recommendations and work with our clients to determine the best way forward. Because we have a team of Civil, Electrical and Environmental Engineers and tradespeople, we have the expertise to solve any problem, large or small.


Core to the success of any project or relationship, is open and honest communication. Ultegra understands that its clients engage with us because they need solutions to problems they aren’t necessarily equipped or experienced in solving. On this basis the early and often communication around changes, risks, issues or any other challenges that can be experienced as part of delivery is essential in ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page.

The Ultegra team have a passion for ensuring that its clients are well informed throughout the entire phase of the project from the initial design right through to successful commissioning. This is achieved through timely, honest and open dialog at every stage of the program. It is with this approach that Ultegra has been successful in developing successful long-term relationships with its clients across the country – our team is easy to deal with.