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Maintenance and Renewal work programs are inherently more complex than standalone projects.

Ultegra have the resources and demonstrated capability to develop customised systems and processes required to manage large scale projects effectively.

Asset Maintenance
Asset Maintenance
Asset Maintenance
Asset Maintenance and Renewal.

Asset Maintenance
and Renewal.

The team at Ultegra recognise that your assets are the lifeblood of your success and as such, Ultegra have substantial in-house engineering capability who can undertake detailed assessments of your major assets with a focus on developing cost-effective work scopes that will maximise your asset’s effectiveness.
Ultegra also has in house IT capability to provide customised solutions for our clients in order to provide a seamless transition of data from client systems, through scheduling and delivery and then back into the client’s system. We can also provide real time reporting and status updates so that our clients can have access to their data at all times.
Ultegra has successfully developed and mobilised into a variety of utility programs on behalf of many asset owners.

We understand that data plays a big part in delivering large scale Asset Maintenance and Renewal programs. We have in house IT resources to develop customised solutions to ensure that both client systems and Ultegra systems can be integrated to ensure accurate and timely flow of data.

Our systems also integrate work processes, ITP results capture, task checklists, photographic evidence and tracking of progress and completion with full transparency. This data can also be shared with our clients for record keeping, chain of custody and peace of mind.

Ultegra has pioneered the premier Service Mains Replacement (SMR) product through many years of development, with tens of thousands of replacements undertaken over multiple SMR programs. Our client and network customised IT solutions and work processes along with our positive safety culture, means we can deliver superior outcomes for large scale bulk replacement programs.

The bulk of street and public lighting are progressively being replaced from High Intensity Discharge (HID) to efficient LED technology, in addition to the more recent implementation of Smart lighting and Smart City schemes.

We understand the technology and logistics of delivering large scale bulk replacement programs and can provide efficient delivery, along with accurate data capture and flow, to ensure that client assets are replaced in a timely and efficient manner. Data management is paramount in these programs and we have the demonstrated capability to develop IT and work processes and solutions to ensure that accurate records are kept.

The failure, reliability and safety risks of both CONSAC and HDPE LV cable has driven the requirement for programs to undertake large scale replacement of within most distribution networks in Australia.

We have developed customised systems and processes to design and/or construct new assets to replace the failing assets in situ. The methodology and scope are varied depending on the area, however through a combination of both open excavation and trenchless methods we can replace these cables with new XLPE cable and dramatically reduce safety and reliability issues.

Gradual increasing of loads and mechanical failure of steel mains leads to large renewal projects to remove safety and reliability risks.

We have replaced tens of thousands of kilometres of overhead conductor, along with pole replacements, pole mounted transformer uprates and all other assets required on overhead networks. We have completed these services in metro areas, as well as within dense bush and rural environments.

We understand the importance of planning for these projects given the tight outage windows that are often required to be worked within and we have demonstrated experience in delivering some of the most challenging projects in some of the most challenging environments.